Buffalo Ridge Educational Alliance


The Buffalo Ridge Educational Alliance (BREA) is our Parent-Teacher Organization designed to support the staff, students and community of Buffalo Ridge.

The Objectives of the BREA shall be:
-To foster positive relationships between home, Buffalo Ridge Elementary and community
-To foster communication between teachers, staff and parents
-To facilitate the funding of appropriate activities that support the BREA objectives

Upcoming Events:                                                             

BoxTop Competition Jan 25th-Feb 8th
Silly String Party for Winning Team/Class

               The BRE Misfits would like to formally invite all BRE students to join them in the Spring BoxTop competition! Don't forget to have your student find the BoxTops in your pantry, fridge, and storage room.  BoxTops will be collected from Friday, Jan. 25 through Friday, Feb. 8 3:30 in all BRE classrooms.

To earn a 10% bonus for your class/team, please do the following things:
1. Check the BoxTop to be sure they aren't expired (VERY IMPORTANT!)
2. Cut the extra packaging off of the BoxTop certificate.
3. Put in a ziplock bag labeled with your teacher's name in quantities of 50 (or write the total if under 50).

-For the top classroom/team that collects the most BoxTops in the school: Silly String Party.
-For the classroom in each grade level that collects the most BoxTops: A Pajama Day for their class AND an EXTRA RECESS!

Watch the competition board to see your classroom's progress for the two weeks of collection!

Thank you for your support!

Vote to get Rocky (Nugget's Mascot) at BRE! Jan 28th-Feb 1st

               We love a good competition at BRE! Vote Daily!!
Nutrition Services has an exciting promotion called "Eat Healthy, Play Healthy" coming to BRE school.  In collaboration with the Denver Nuggets, Tyson Foods, and Dannon, we will be holding two contests that could win your school a chance to have lunch with Rocky and/or win a $500 micro grant that will go towards lunchroom and kitchen improvements.  (Dates Rocky will visit are: Elementary - Tuesday, February 12, 2019 and Middle - Thursday, February 7, 2019.)

We are asking that you help spread the word to your school community to increase your chances of winning.

To have Rocky come to your school for lunch, your school needs to get the most votes.  To do this, students, parents and staff can submit their votes to  https://www.k12-promo.com/douglas

Voting opens 1/28/2019 and closes 2/1/2019
Only one vote per person per day.

The micro grants are awarded to the schools who have the highest increase in participation for the three days we are serving the featured Mega Mini and Dannon Dipping Sauce. We have divided schools into groups by feeder area. These groups will be working together to achieve the highest increase. The goal is to encourage students to try  the new "nuggets" (aka-Mega Mini's) on these dates and show an increase over historical data.

Spirit Rock

               Parents, Students & Staff have the opportunity to "Rent the Rock" to recognize a student's birthday, show school spirit, thank or recognize a teacher or staff member, congratulatory events, etc.  It is a great way to spread positive messages and increase excitement in our community! $25 during the school year and $25 during the summer.  100% of your donation goes to BREA.  Payments are accepted online through MySchool Bucks at this link or by check payable to BREA.  Checks must be dropped off to the front office prior to the rental date - with your name & date written in the memo.

King Soopers Card

Why not let a percentage of the money you are already spending go towards supporting the BREA?  Keep using your King Soopers Cards as we get 5% back from these cards.  Last year we raised $5557 from King Soopers Cards and to date we have raised $1700If you need a card, please email Kim VanAuken, kcvan75@gmail.com or see Christy Smith at the front desk. 

Important Dates:

​Spring BoxTops Competition
Jan. 25-Feb. 8

Vote to Get Rocky 
Jan. 28-Feb 1

            Please find the BREA General Meeting Presentation that occurred on Oct. 26, 2017 in the Learning Commons here.

Jen Munro (jennifer.munro@yahoo.com)

Kim Mulligan (kimberlyamulligan@gmail.com)

BREA Co-Presidents, 2017-2018 School Year