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Monica Harmon - Technology/Media Resource Teacher

Jenny Kim - Library Media/Tech Assistant


Introduction from Teachers
We are so excited to work at BRE in the Learning Commons and Technology Program! Our goal is to continue to grow in our professions and provide new experiences and resources to support students and staff in their learning journey.

A few things to know about the Learning Commons and our Tech Program:
Our Learning Commons is a learning hub for our school. We have a wonderful collection of both print and ebooks for students' reading pleasure. We work with teachers and students providing resources that support the curriculum. To access our online resource catalog and e-books use the links below. 

                                        BRE's online resource catalog        BRE's e-book collection                     

In addition to the books in the Learning Commons; we have a maker space, 3D printer, coding robots, Lego wall, collaborative work areas, a video area with green screen, writing walls and a stage for presentations.

BRE also has a 1:1 Device Program for all students. Kindergarteners and first graders each have an iPad, while second through fifth graders each have a Chromebook. Students use these devices to support their learning during the school day. 

readingBest way to reach us is by email.         

Monica Harmon - [email protected]          
Jenny Kim - [email protected]

We welcome volunteers to help out in the Learning Commons. If you would like to volunteer please email either Jenny Kim or Monica Harmon.