Everything You Need to Know

Parents as Partners Snack Behavior Policies
We believe that you play a critical role in the education of your child and this is the beginning...so feel free to contact your child's teacher before or after school when you have questions or concerns.  The best way to get in touch with us is through email.

Please send on healthy snack for morning kindergarten students and two healthy snacks for full day students.  We will be having snack in our classroom each day.  We expect each student in our rooms to be safe, to be kind and to always try his or her best.   

Our school's philosophy is based off of restorative practices and is meant to help support each child problem solve
Volunteers Birthdays Homework
Some of the things we need help with require your presence at school while others can be done at home.  Your child's teacher will be contacting you regarding volunteering opportunities.  Thank you for all you do to help and our school.  The support we get at BRE is truly amazing! If you would like to send something for your child's birthday, the teacher may designate a time for the child to share a trinket, store bought snack, or a class gift.  Invitations to private birthday parties are not to be distributed at school unless all members of the class are invited.   Homework at the Kindergarten level should be meaningful practice.  Homework should be viewed as a bridge between what is being learned at school and reinforced and practiced at home.
E-Mail Thursday Folder / Website Water Bottles
Email can be a great way to communicate and we will be using it to do most of our communication with you, so please make sure you have given us an updated email address and one that you check frequently.  We check our emails before and after school, so any unexpected changes in your daily routines should be communicated through the front office. Every Thursday, your child will bring home a Thursday Folder.  This is a form of communication between home and school.  The folder will include school and class news.  The folder must be returned the next day.  As we strive to use less paper in the classroom and school, it will also be important to check our website for any additional postings, newsletters, calendar updates, and homework.   Please help your child remember to bring a freshly filled water bottle to school each day.  Bottles MUST be spill proof and have a straw.  Please do not send anything other than water in your child's water bottle.
Specials Toys Monthly Newsletters
Kindergarteners attend specials every day.  Half day will have 20 and full day will have 40 minutes.  On Thursdays, specials time will be doubled.  Each week, your child will participate in Art, Music, or P.E.  During P.E. weeks, students need to wear appropriate shoes.  Check the specials schedule in the navigation to see what your child has each week. Please make sure all toys are kept at home as we do not want anything special to get lost.  There may be times when your child is asked to bring something special, so we will let you know when that time comes.   A monthly newsletter will be emailed to all BRE families.  There is an update from each grade level in the newsletter.  Look for Kindergarten news as well as other happenings within the school.