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Orange Group: Yellow Book --> Sort #
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  • Spelling: 
  • Practice spelling words along with sorting words into appropriate categories. On Monday, students will get their words. Friday, they will be given a test on their words. 
    • Monday:  Lay out your headings and sort your spelling words into the categories.  Read the words out loud as you sort them and explain why the words are sorted this way.  Mix up the words and sort them again, faster this time.
    • Tuesday-Thursday:  Complete one activity nightly.  The following are just suggestions, you may use your creativity and invent your own word sort activity.
      • Sort Words without headings and tell an adult how you did it.
      • Word Hunt: Look for words that fit into your word study categories.
      • Free Write:  Write a story, poem, or song using your words.
      • Writing Sort:  Write each word under the correct heading.
      • Word Search:  Make a word search online.  Google "word search"
      • Wordle: Make a wordle using all your words.
      • Old Fashioned Spelling Test: Have an adult quiz you on your words; don't forget to sort them into the appropriate category as well! *I recommend doing this at least once on Thursday night to ensure that you are ready for the test